It is our duty to provide the most competitive and effective shipping and logistical services available to our clients. These clients require many different services at any given time and with our knowledge and experience we are able to provide the services, which they ultimately require. When it comes to getting our clients products delivered, this is our specialty.


We work directly with authorized and legally appointed mandates and refineries across the globe in order to facilitate our client's oil needs. We work with different grades and offer either contracts for delivery or spot deals upon availability. As well as supplying oil, we also supply a special product, used for the cleaning and treatment of refineries; this product is used by some of the largest refineries in the world.


AE partners is in direct partnership with one the largest distributors/manufactures of Palm oil products in North America. We supply in bulk, Palm Shortening, Palm Butter, Palm Oil, Coconut Butter, etc. Through our direct partnership we are able to personalize our customer’s orders establishing a trusted and reliable relationship from the beginning.


We facilitate, assist, and work towards getting approval from the relevant authorities internationally for companies willing and able to expand to other regions of the world. These areas of expansion include mining, oil extraction, investment in oil refineries, construction projects, etc. We deal directly with the necessary individuals in order to make sure our multinational companies have their expansion requirements met.


We specialize in luxury product and brand development. Creating a product/brand for the fashion or goods industries is a strong area of focus for us. We have assisted some of today's biggest names to get their products and brands launched and showcased internationally. With our contacts in today's fashion and accessories markets, we offer our clients that exclusive access they need in order to really grow their brand and corresponding products.


We work directly with many dealers and gallery specialists when it comes to the investment and trade of Art. We mainly deal with our clients when they have specific requests. Our best trading artists include Warhol, Indiana, Lichtenstein, Picasso etc. If you would like any further details about the works we currently have to offer or a specific work you might be interested in please let us know.



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